MELDRUMS April Update And News

Found this email in my Spam folder the other day (don’t know how it got there) and forgot I moved it over. Subsequently, I forgot to let everyone else know what’s contained herein, for which I deeply apologize. Please continue praying and do whatever else the LORD would have you do, John 2:5 KJB.


THANK YOU for praying for us.

Winter is nearly over. We are down to only about a foot of snow on the ground, and the snowbanks are shrinking fast, too. Most days are getting into the 40’s and a few have even got up into the 50’s. I am still in awe of how God provided for us through the winter, through the generosity of those whom He moved to help out.

God is so good. Every gift, every card, every e-mail came at just the right time.

In good news, it looks like Ron may have insurance coverage back in about a month, if everything goes well. This will lift a huge burden if/when it happens!

Ron’s birthday was April 4, but he spent it sick (but recovering). He was in the hospital over last weekend with ear infections in both ears, sinus infection, throat infection, and swollen voice box. He was unable to talk, and could not eat for 4 days.

The doctor put him on a run of antibiotics, and that has cleared up the infections but it gave him a yeast infection in his throat. Ron hasn’t taken antibiotics in over 30 years, so it is ironic that the time he finally uses them, he gets the yeast infection.

The hospitalist doctor said that Ron’s white cell count was among the highest he has ever seen and suggested he follow up with more tests to find out why. He felt it was more than what the infections alone would be responsible for. However, he saw his personal doctor on Monday and she said that it is not something to worry about. She believes that it was indeed just a result of all the infections. She is going to follow up in 3 weeks with another test to be sure, but she says she doesn’t think there is anything to worry about.

Ron has his third follow-up mammogram in 3 weeks. Yes, I did say “mammogram.” There is a spot they are watching. This appointment will be a little longer because they want to do an ultrasound afterwards. Our prayer is that they finally rule out the “bad stuff” and we can move forward with no more of these appointments. Although, with Ron’s sense of humor, he has enjoyed walking into the breast care center and watching people’s expressions when he says he is there for a mammogram.

Needs we are praying about are:

1. Medical Insurance. We pray that it goes through within the next month. If it does, it will pay retroactively for the hospital visit and doctor appointments last week. It will also allow us to pursue the heart issue and tumor in the brain much more appressively.

2. Health. We are still praying for complete healing so that life and ministry can begin moving forward again.

3. Transportation. As you may remember, our car was totaled in a deer strike about a year ago. We no longer have the income to qualify for financing. We have been sharing our son’s car up to this point, but he just took a job in southern Maine (2.5 hours away) so that is no longer an option.

4. Spetic System. Our septic will need to be replaced this summer. We have no idea how this is going to happen — but, we also went into the winter with no idea how we were going to make it through. God is good and knows every need.

5. Day-to-day expenses. Support is way down, and we understand that and do not bear any ill-will toward those who have found better investments for their missions dollars.

The year ahead holds many questions and many unknowns, but I am sure that our God will continue to hold our hands through the uncertaintly as we move ahead.

Thank you for your prays, cards, and e-mails. I make sure Ron sees every one of them, and they have been a huge encouragement to him on those “down” days. Because of the way his pituitary gland is being affected, one of the symptoms we have to be always aware of is depression. Your cards, e-mails, and messages through Facebook Messenger have uplifted him greatly. Thank you.

Thank you.
Sister Mindy.

If God so moves, you can send support online through this web page:

You can also send letters, cards, and/or gifts to our mailing address at: Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd
New Vineyard, ME 04956

(From a previous update), the only email address he is monitoring regularly right now is

Romans 11:33-36 KJB

Callcast: (563) 999-3967
Google Group:!forum/preacher-friends

1 thought on “MELDRUMS April Update And News

  1. Preacher Josh Owens Post author

    This just in, please continue praying.


    THANK YOU for praying for us. If we are not on your church prayer list, please add us — if even just for a week or two.

    God is still good.

    I was going to wait until next month to send another update, but there has been a good development we wanted to share.

    At his last appointment, Brother Ron’s doctor added 2 new medicines. One is a med to help compensate for what the tumor is doing to his brain chemicals, and the other is to further help with his blood pressure.

    The first medication is working wonderfully! He has had more good days just in the last 2 weeks than he has in the last 2 months. This development alone promises to help him be productive again and (just as important) to FEEL productive and valuable again. The doctor said that if it looked like it would work, they will double the dose and make it more effective. This could be the blessing that helps us through the short-term. It holds so much promise!

    The new blood pressure medicine has not worked out quite as well. It has caused his ankles and feet to swell up and be sore and painful. This is one of the known side effects of the drug. The doctor will either add another medication to deal with the swelling, or change to a different med altogether.

    Brother Ron has a battery of appointments coming up over the next 2 weeks: his regular doctor, the cardiologist, a follow-up mammogram, lab tests for the doctor, lab tests for the cardiologist, and possibly a urologist.

    Among the bloodwork next week, they will be re-testing his white cell count to see if it is still elevated. If it is, then there will be a number of other appointments and tests added on during the comiong weeks.

    Please pray that the tests all go well, especially the white cell count. Please pray also for good appointments and forward progress.

    Thank you so much for all of the prayer support, emotional support, and financial support. Every card, note, and gift seems to come at just the right time — THANK YOU. God’s timing is always perfect. Even a rather large need we had last month was covered entirely by a gift that came at just the right moment. God is good.

    If you are praying for him and have a moment to send an e-mail, let Brother Ron know at his e-mail address:

    Thank you.
    Sister Mindy.

    If God so moves, you can send support online through this web page:

    You can also send letters, cards, and/or gifts to our mailing address at:
    Ron Meldrum
    2393 New Vineyard Rd
    New Vineyard, ME 04956


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