Meldrum’s May Update And Special Need

Not sure why Brother Meldrum’s emails are going to Spam, just found the latest one there, from yesterday. Please read, click, pray and do whatever else the LORD tells you.


THANK YOU for praying for us. If we are not on your church prayer list, please add us — if even just for a week or two.

God is still good.

We have had some good news. I had my third mammogram (yes, mammogram) this week, and they now say that they are sure the area they have been monitoring is not a problem. The tumor has been causing an over production of prolactin, which has caused some undesireable effects. But, no more mammograms! This is great news, and one more load off our minds.

The new medication the doctor started me on last month is still working well. It is supposed to compensate for some of the chemical changes in my brain, and it seems to be helping as I have had more good days than usual (and I am writing this update myself today!). The doctor is considering increasing the dosage at my next

I was also started on a new blood pressure medicine last month, but it caused my feet and ankles to swell up, so it has been discontinued. This is one of the known side effects of this particular medicine. My feet and ankles are still swollen and painful, but it is expected to go down as the medicine gets out of my system.

One problem that needs to be solved is reliable transportation. You might remember that about a year ago our car was totaled in a deer strike. Because income has been so limited during this time, we have been unable to finance another vehicle.

Many people offer rides, so we have more-or-less got to where we needed to go over the last year. However, this week I missed a cardiology appointment and had to reschedule for over a month down the road because the person giving me a ride showed up so late.

We need to get some kind of transportation of our own. To that end, we are starting a vehicle fund this spring. My goal is 3,000.

If you want to help with this fund, or with the general Summer Assistance Fund, you can do so at:

That web page allows you to give on-line, but also has a mailing address for sending a check.

If you are able to help in any way, I would be very grateful! If you cannot help financially but can pray for us, I would be very grateful!

Thank you. Please continue to pray for us. Things are looking more positive than they have in over a year. God is moving, and for the first time in a long time I am able to see beyond this current crisis.

Bro. Ron Meldrum

You can also send letters, cards, and/or gifts to our mailing address at: Ron Meldrum
2393 New Vineyard Rd
New Vineyard, ME 04956

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