Latest Meldrums Update

Here’s the latest email received from The Meldrums in Maine. Please read, pray and do whatever else the LORD would have you do.

Thank you again for continuing to pray for us. Your prayer for us and your notes and thoughts are a huge encouragement to myself and my husband.

May was a month of mixed blessings. On the good side, the new medication to help with the chemical hormone imbalance is working nicely and Ron has had more good days than before. The doctor may be doubling the dosage at next week’s appointment in order to see if he can get even more benefit from it. It’s a strong medication with some serious possible side effects, but he has had none of the side effects and has been taking it for 2 months now.

I mentioned in last month’s update that they replaced one of his blood pressure meds because it had caused his feet and ankles to swell up and become extremely painful. It was a known side effect of the drug. However, coming off the medication did not help his feet and ankles, and because he is having shortness of breath when he lays down, his doctor is now concerned about congestive heart failure. He is now taking lasix, which has helped the swelling go down – and which looks like it may be a permanent addition to his med list.

He has a cardiology appointment next week, as well as an appointment with his primary care doctor and some lab work.

Ron is discouraged by what he sees as a rapid decline in his health and ability. 18 months ago he was shoveling snow to bring in extra money. Two years ago he was mowing lawns, cutting brush, stacking firewood, and doing minor carpentry work for customers all over the area. Now, just getting out and walking up and down the driveway every day is often a challenge.

With every challenge he has had in life, he has just worked harder and worked more and has overcome it. Now he can’t. He feels like he is a burden and a problem. Pray for him and for him to be encouraged. He has some very low days, and if it were not for the grace of our God and a closeness to our Lord, things would be very desperate.

We began a fund for a vehicle. Our previous car was totaled in a deer strike a year and a half ago and because of severely reduced income, we are unable to finance another one. We are attempting to raise $3000 to purchase a vehicle. We have been getting rides with other people, but when Ron missed a cardiology appointment last month because his ride showed up so late, we decided we really need to get some reliable transportation of our own. So far, $60 has been given toward this need.

If you would like to help toward the vehicle or toward general needs for the summer, you can do so at:

That web page allows folks to give on-line and also has an address for mailing gifts.

I wish I could thank everybody personally for their prayers for us. We have had many challenges in life and ministry, and this is definitely the biggest. I really don’t know where we would be without the prayer, encouragement, and support of God’s people.

Thank you so much!
Sister Mindy.

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