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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Karac Aynes

    Enjoying the readings Bro. Josh. My name is Karac Aynes I’m an Evangelist from Old Fashion United Baptist Church here in Yorktown Indiana.

    1. Preacher Josh Owens Post author

      Brother Aynes,
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Still figuring this thing out, as evidenced by the About page template still being there LOL! A lot going on right now, please pray for us, as we will do/have done for y’all! Please keep in touch, love y’all!

      1. Karac Aynes

        Oh yes Brother Owens we will pray for ya. My Email is Karac555@gmail.com please feel free as well to drop a line. I’d ask ya to pray for us we are about to preach our first revival at a sister church. God Bless you brother.

      2. Preacher Josh Owens Post author

        Brother Aynes,
        Yes I approved this comment but no, I missed the Prayer Request. Sorry ’bout that! We’ve prayed for you and your ministry, but were unaware of specific needs, but the LORD sure knew! Trust you had liberty and the LORD worked in hearts through His word! I never preached a full meeting ’til around three years ago and there were some extenuating circumstances which made the whole experience unforgettable, but I believe I was in the will of God and trust He worked in hearts, even though apparently, they didn’t want revival. In spite of that, we’ve been airing the messages on our broadcast, for the past couple months, from May 1, through July 24, please check ’em out if you so desire! I may post some of the outlines and corresponding MP3s in the coming days, dunno. Please keep in touch as the LORD permits, love and praying for y’all!

  2. Karac Aynes

    We had the same experience at this revival back in May, but we believe God moved. We definitely will continue to listen to the messages on the website. Once again thank you for those. They are a great help. I’m not one to listen to secular radio so I’m usually listening to Sermon Audio.

    1. Preacher Josh Owens Post author

      Roger on that, Isaiah 55:11 brother! When the LORD opened the door with Sermon.net, I purposed for it to be a central location for great preaching and a way for the stations and others who may be interested, to get our broadcasts as well. I never could have imagined how the LORD would use that tool, but He sure has and continues to today! I just wish more of God’s men would take advantage of said tool. I believe if they did, untellin’ what the LORD would do for them and others!
      Romans 11:33-36 KJB



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